Sunday, April 7, 2013

Then and now... four years later!

Molly has been dying to get a particular cake at Sam's Club for her 5th birthday because it was a mini-cake (for her!) surrounded by cupcakes (for everyone else!) The reason she wanted this particular cake? So she could recreate her first birthday smash cake experience! She loves seeing the pictures of herself at her first birthday diving into her own little cake face-first and wanted to be able to do it again. So we happily obliged!

Happy fifth birthday to my baby girl!!!



The other thing she'd been begging us for over the last... oh... eight months or so... was to be able to get her hair cut. We (less willingly) obliged there too! She and I had a fun little girls' day out yesterday and we both got our locks chopped off. She is in HEAVEN with her new adorable 'do! (I'll get used to mine LOL. I am definitely happy with how healthy it looks and feels at least.)

Happy 5th birthday Miss Molly girl!!!