Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fantasy fulfilled...

Apparently a fantasy was fulfilled in our house recently. Not one of our family members' dreams come true. No, it was the fantasy of Ben's new best friend. He's an only child with an immaculately clean mother, apparently. He's never been allowed to leave his room messy. Now Ben is pretty tidy and he's reached that age where he likes things in order in his own personal space, so his room is clean the majority of the time. Brady's room on the other hand? Utter chaos. And I know this sounds ridiculous but it's in a spot of the house where I simply don't have to wander very often so the room doesn't get my attention very often so it gets worse and worse and worse until we have a disaster zone of epic proportions. Well Ben's friend came to stay the night a few nights ago and caught sight of Brady's room. One might think he'd recoil in horror, having been raised in a spotless home. But nope. He saw the Toy-splosion and Carpet O' Clothing (clean or dirty? who knows!) and he actually asked "Can I roll around in it?" Brady, slightly weirded out responded "No!" but Ben gave his friend permission and the next thing the boys knew, Ben's friend was sprawled out on his back in the middle of Brady's bedroom filth in what the boys could only describe as "swimming through the piles of laundry".

Fantasy fulfilled for Tim.

Nightmare initiated for poor Brady. No t.v. or xbox until his floor can be seen and the mountain of mayhem has been obliterated.

In similar news, my holiday dishes have almost all been washed.

Yeah. That's how we roll.


  1. Hmmm... swimmin' in the cesspool came to mind. I have seen those rooms. ;)

  2. Sounds like my kids... my daughter is the too creative to clean :)

  3. My daughter's rooms were always like that, despite my cajoling, threatening and punishing. I got to the point where I just shrugged my shoulders and shut the door. I hope that they grow out of it - the 20 year old is on her way now that she has her own place!

  4. Bwaahhahaha! That is the best thing I have read in weeks! really I'm not joking! Your descriptions are tops and they leave me feeling very grateful that we are related.