Thursday, January 2, 2014

Magical Molly Moment...

Molly lost her 2nd tooth yesterday. The day before, she'd tried to open a sports bottle top with her teeth (duh!) and it dramatically loosened a tooth that was already quite wiggly. She said she was going to pull it at the NYE party we attended but then she got a little hesitant and decided it/she wasn't ready. Yesterday she was just wiggling it and it popped right out into her palm. Apparently the tooth was more ready than she was willing to believe. She was delighted that the tooth came out with no pain, no blood, no drama. Just *pop* and there it was!

She zipped her tooth into a Ziploc snack baggie to put under her pillow at bedtime. She was excited about the idea of a little cash and ready to try once again to catch a "fairy in our house!!!" A few hours after she'd gone to bed I heard her wake up and wander around upstairs inexplicably for a couple minutes before she headed back to bed. I was grateful for her wanderings because they served as a reminder to the Tooth Fairy that she had work to do!!

I headed up to bed a few minutes later with a crisp dollar bill in my hand ready to do the ol' bait and switch, but I found Molly still tossing and turning a little, not quite asleep in bed. At first I felt a bit of dread, thinking I wouldn't be able to do Tooth Fairy duties for a while, but I tiptoed into her room and asked her why she was still awake. She just kind of gave me a sleepy smile so I climbed onto her bed and snuggled up beside her, sneakily slipping my hand under her pillow, depositing the dollar bill and palming the baggie with her tooth inside. She cuddled me for a minute and I asked her again why she was still awake. She said "I went to your room to tell you the Tooth Fairy didn't come yet. See?" and then she rolled over and sat up and grabbed her pillow and lifted it to show me that her tooth was still there. But of course what she found was the dollar bill instead. The look of absolute wonder and surprise on her face was one of those moments I wish I could freeze and capture. It was perfection! Her eyes got wide and she burst into hysterical giggles. "My tooth was still there!! Now there's a dollar! The Tooth Fairy came!" I said "She must have come in here while you were in my bedroom!" and she giggled louder and with even more thrill. It was adorable.

The first thing out of her mouth this morning was the story of the tricky Tooth Fairy, told enthusiastically to her brothers. 

And she just came over to me as I was typing to announce that she has yet another wiggly tooth. That's 2 gone and 3 currently wiggling. Pretty soon she'll be a toothless wonder! Such a fun time of life!

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