Thursday, September 10, 2015

Who is the eff I?

Hi. Remember me? I used to blog. Then came Facebook. Quick snippets replaced detailed stories. And no one wanted to follow a link to a blog post, so writing out the long stories just for myself started to feel tedious instead of enjoyable.

But I miss blogging!! I miss writing!! And tonight I was treated to a "Kid Funny" that was just too long for a Facebook snippet... so I figured I ought to dust off my blog address and do a bit of blogging. Crazier things have happened, right?

About 5 years ago when Nicki Minaj was starting to get some attention and radio play with what I think was her first big hit, "Super Bass", my innocent little 9 year old Brady would sing (rap?) along with all the (highly inappropriate) lyrics. One time, blissfully unaware, he sang "Somebody please tell him who the eff I is".

He paused.

Then he asked "Mommy, who is the F.I.?"

I remember laughing long and loud, and then promptly changing the subject. And the channel. And I've enjoyed telling the story from time to time over the years if the right moment (and audience) presented itself.

Fast forward to this afternoon. On our way to football practice, the radio station we were listening to treated us to a throwback tune... "Super Bass". I remembered that innocently clueless 9 year old boy of mine, and decided to give now (almost) 14 year old Brady a bit of teasing. I asked him "Hey Brady, who is the eff I?"

He paused.

Then, still blissfully unaware, he replied "I don't know. Who is the eff I?"

I know jokes supposedly lose all their humor if you have to explain them, but I can assure you that explaining the joke to Brady had me in near tears from laughter.

"Seriously Brady? Are you messing with me? 'who the EFF I is'?! It's bad English for 'who the eff I am.' Brady! Do you honestly still not get it?!"

The light bulb moment was intensely bright, and Brady laughed in embarrassment and begged that the story wouldn't become a Facebook post.

So I blogged about it instead!


  1. Niiiice. :) Ah, the things that made no sense as a child that have you blushing as a teenager...

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