Monday, August 1, 2011

Real Family Fun: B-Boy Brady!

After just three lessons in his new breakdancing class, Brady got to perform with his teacher Remedee and his class at a Dance Showcase on Saturday night at the dance studio. He's having a blast participating and even though he was still a little unsure of the choreography (three weeks people!!! just three weeks!) he was totally in his element on stage in front of the crowd. I was thrilled to see that he'd found (and mostly stuck with) the beat. He's always been a bit... ahem... rhythmically challenged so this is great improvement and I'm just so happy that he's getting to do something he's always enjoyed casually and that he's having a chance to improve on his natural skills.

Enjoy! We certainly did :)

  Getting his certification for participation:

With his B-Girl teacher "Remedee"

I wish this photo had come out clearly. This is him exiting the dance floor, all attitude and swag. Totally cracked me up.


  1. That is freaking awesome! I was giggling a bit. So fun!

  2. So Brady! -Teresa