Monday, August 8, 2011

Real Family Fun: Dinner Table Conversation

To keep the conversation moving at our dinner table we play a lot of question-answer type games. "Would you rather...?" is a favorite, but almost always moves into topics that are less than appealing at meal time (our boys go straight for potty humor every time.) We always ask "What was your favorite thing about the day?" and discuss. On Sundays we ask what everyone's Sunday School and Primary lessons were about.

Tonight Brady asked an interesting question that we've never fielded before. "What would you name your kids if you had two boys and two girls." Here are everyone's answers:

Boy 1: Brady
Boy 2: Jim
Girl 1: Tiffany ("Ooooh Brady! Who's Tiffany?! Is that your girlfriend?")
Girl 2: Samantha ("Whoa Brady! Brady loves someone named Samantha!")

Boy 1: Brady
Boy 2: Baby Ben (she added Baby Toby when Toby indignantly squealed "What about Toby!?")
Girl 1: Molly
Girl 2: Molly, too.

They were the only ones who took the question a bit seriously. Here are the rest of the family's answers...

Boy 1: Grandpa (so his full name would be Grandpa Campbell you know...)
Boy 2: William Danger Boy
Girl 1: Shaniaquanita
Girl 2: Sarah Plain and Tall

Boy 1: Thunder (in all fairness I think he was entirely serious about this one...)
Boy 2: Bolt
Girl 1: Molly
Girl 2: Cheese (and then he whispered encouragingly for everyone else at the table to also name their babies Cheese.)

Boy 1: Salt
Boy 2: Pepper
Girl 1: Paprika
Girl 2: (He gave up. Apparently we didn't have enough spices on the table to help him out. And there was no Paprika on the table, so I can only assume he actually got his inspiration for these name from Blue's Clues.)

Won't we have fun family reunions with little Grandpa Campbell running around and playing with Cheese? Thunder will tease Paprika, and Shaniaquanita will have to step in and break it up. Aunt Molly will have a hard time keeping her daughters Molly and Molly, Too from trying to swipe cousin Molly's Molly American Girl doll. Uncle Brady will help Brady Jr hold cousin Baby Brady. And William Danger Boy and Bolt will always be sneaking off plotting against Salt and Pepper, who get into more mischief than Sarah Plain and Tall, Jim, Tiffany and Samantha, combined.

And in case you were wondering? Apparently when you close up the baby making shop your baby naming skills also shut down. By the time it got to my turn, no one cared any more anyway. They were all laughing about Toby whispering "Cheeeeeeeeeese!! Name it Cheeeeeeeeeese!!!!"

P.S. Jeremy (Remy for short), Jeffrey, Cecily and Tierney. Sticking with our long e sound at the end of the names, of course.

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  1. Sounds about like the recommendations we're getting at our house for the twins. Topping the list: Sparkles, Sparticus, Boobaboo, supercalifragilisticsexpealidocious (that one was mine and Alyssa is all for it) -Teresa