Friday, September 16, 2011

For those who want to create a Love Wall

Between comments on Facebook and the comments here on my most recent blog post I had quite a few people express interest in creating an "I Love You Because" wall in their home. I was really tickled by the thought of this concept spreading far and wide and it made me grin to consider all my friends' families writing each other little love notes in their homes!

Here's my personal reality though. I see an idea that I love. I roll it around in my brain and think of ways to tweak it to make it more personal. I consider colors and placement and variations. And I come up with a great plan to implement the project idea that inspired me.

And then I do nothing.

And the idea joins the countless others that I've been momentarily passionate about and then tossed aside in pursuit of other! cooler! more exciting! projects.

This happened to be one project that I actually acted on and I'm so happy with how it's affecting my family! I figured I could make this project easy for you to actually take from concept to hanging on your wall, too. I packaged up what I had already created for my home, added a few alternative options (5x7 and 4x6 sizes included, three different patterns, eight total colors and a choice of black or white wording) and put together a simple Assemble Your Own: Little Love Notes product just for you. If you've got some basic photo editing software and can work with layering .jpg files and .png files you can make this work and have some lovin' art in your home in no time!

The Assemble Your Own: Little Love Notes product is available in the Scrap Girls boutique HERE right now and by happy coincidence there's a sale going on through Saturday night for 40% off all Assemble Your Own products so the timing couldn't be more perfect. I was almost giddy when I saw the email blast from Scrap Girls in my newsletter a few minutes ago telling me about the sale. Perfect perfect perfect!! Enjoy :)

If you don't happen to have some basic photo editing software but you want to do this project for your walls and you know which size/color/pattern/wording combinations you'd like I can assemble them for you and email them to you ready for printing. The cost for my time in assembling the Little Love Note in your specifications and sending it to you for your personal use only will be $1 per love note. Not bad for a quick splash of color and sentiment on your walls right? If you're liking the concept but have a different color or wording in mind, just drop me a line and we can work out the details of your request.

And please, please, pretty please be sure to snap a shot of your Love Wall once it's hanging! I'd LOVE to see it!!

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