Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holiday panic

I know this will sound ridiculous to most people, but I'm starting to panic. September is almost over and we haven't settled on costumes for Halloween this year. Here's a little refresher course on why the pressure is building at this point:

Halloween - 2008
Munchkin, Glinda, Cowardly Lion, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man

Halloween 2009
"Little" Green Army Man, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, Woody
Halloween 2010
Captain Hook, John, Michael and Wendy Darling, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

We'd love to do coordinating costumes again but can't seem to think of the "perfect" idea. I'm a little picky about not doing a currently trendy or popular theme (our Toy Story year was the year before the latest movie came out, for example, and wasn't a hot theme at that point). I'm also a little silly about store-bought costumes and would much rather put a costume together with pieces gathered together at thrift stores and tailored to our needs or (only if absolutely necessary LOL) sewing it myself. I'm really at a loss. We're also coming up against some resistance from the older boys at this point, as you can imagine, so whatever idea we come up with has to have a big WOW factor for them or we may not be able to keep them on board (without force...muwahahahaha).

Here's what is frightening me more than anything else at this point. Someone jokingly mentioned that we could all be princesses and Willy has latched on to that idea with such fervor that I'm terrified it's the direction we'll actually go. And for the record, he wants to be Jasmine. As in Jasmine from Aladdin. You read that right. Bare-midriff costumed Jasmine... Now you're terrified too, aren't you? And the boys keep fighting over who "gets" to be Tiana in frog form from the Princess and the Frog. I'm pretty sure Willy and Molly would be the only people thrilled with the family-of-princesses costume concept so my desperation is increasing.

Any ideas? Usually I'm a bit dorky about keeping our costumes a secret until Halloween night but I'm feeling a need to solicit ideas this time to at least get our creative juices flowing (and flowing far, far away from princesses to be specific...) Anyone?



  1. You could do Mary Poppins -- you could be Mary, your hubby could be Bert, you could have a couple of the kid be the two children and rest chimney sweeps?

  2. I love that you do it as a family affair! you know I love matching my kids but David and I rarely (sometimes) get involved.
    The kids are doing Gnomeo and Juliet this year.
    And simon - the Shroom. :)

    ideas for you:
    mario brothers (mario, luigi, mushroom, etc?)
    willy wonka (oompa loompas!)
    Up? (the cartoon)
    Christmas? (santa, mrs. clause, elves ...?)
    hmmmm i'll keep thinking.
    start browsing all your fave books, movies,and games ...see if something comes up?

  3. Scooby Doo! You have Velma, Daphne, Fred, Scooby, Shaggy, and Scrappy Doo!. I bet you could find everything at a thrift store or two. You can use 3D movie glasses with the lenses punched out for Velma glasses and make a treat bag that says "Scooby Snacks!"

    Amanda Kissell

  4. You got some great ideas here and I LOVE what you've chosen in the past ... and what you've chosen for 2011 is awesome.

    Here's my idea for another year.

    The Munsters!
    - Herman, Lily, Eddie, Grandpa, Marilyn & Spot (The T-Rex that lived under the stairs)

    Have fun tonight! :)