Sunday, October 16, 2011

Picture Post (since I've been a lazy blogger lately...)

October has been a busy, busy month! We've had two birthdays (Brady turned 10 on 10/5 and Ben turned 14 on 10/9), we've had some fun family outings (to Waikiki on a Friday night to watch fireworks, to the Polynesian Cultural Center, to the skate park, etc) and the kids are all in school and doing their thing. It's just kind of constant buzz and activity around here. Here are a few (ha!) pics from this month so far.

Boys got haircuts this month. This is the aftermath in the tub after all three got their cuts. Yikes!

This and the following pics show just how hard it is to ever get a decent shot of my kids all at once.

Fireworks night in Waikiki. We usually watch from the Ala Moana beach park and the kids ALWAYS climb this tree when we're there.

Molly, having grown up here in warm and sunny Hawaii, is having the hardest time adjusting to this whole new central air gig we've got going on in our new house. I found her napping like this one afternoon, arms and legs pulled in and tucked inside her dress to keep warm. Poor baby LOL.

Brady turned 10 this year!! I can't believe it's been 10 years since this joyful boy came into my life!

I didn't think anyone could be as enthusiastic about Legos as Ben.
I was wrong.

10 candles!! Wow

Oh that's right... 10 TRICK candles.
Needed some help to get those candles taken care of.
Birthday Boy Ben! Turned 14 (the day *after* a Stake Dance.... mwahahahaha!)

There's my (other) Lego loving boy.

Ghetto candles on the birthday cake. (I didn't have a number 4 and I didn't have enough
  regular candles. Number One plus 4 regular candles. Get it? 1-4. 14. *sigh* I'm pathetic.)
At least the pineapple upside down cake was wowza yum.

Brady learned to drop in last week. Goooooo Brady!

Fearless Toby. This kid LOVES to skateboard!

Ben was excited to get back into his blades this day.

But Ben spent some time on his board, too.

PCC Trip - almost always starts with a canoe ride.

Toby and Ben both got lucky and caught fish in the Tahitian fishing shack this day.

Brady and Molly weren't so lucky but had fun trying.

I got to attend a Party in Pink Zumba event that was a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and
the Susan G Komen Foundation. It was AMAZING to be out their shaking my groove thing with hundreds
of women wearing pink (and a few brave men.) Super fun night, great workout, awesome purpose.

My Zumba instructor, Madalene. I love the way this woman motivates me!

Okay. Hopefully I didn't crash your computer with all these pics. Thanks for peeking :) I'll try to stay more on top of this (because doing a billion pics at a time is a pain in the tush!)


  1. So cute! Toby looks JUST like you:) Love the pink zumba, great idea!:) Oh and when did Molly grow up??:)