Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Best meal of the year

October 15th was Ice Cream for Dinner Day, an event started by a dear friend of mine several years ago and an event that my family very whole-heartedly participates in. Jen started the annual day in honor of her father who fought a short battle with cancer in 2005. His doctors had cleared him to be able to eat any food he wanted and the food he wanted was Haagan Daas vanilla ice cream which Jen's brother brought to the hospital for their dad. Unfortunately, his battle was cut short and he was unable to enjoy that ice cream meal. Jen introduced friends to the idea of Ice Cream for Dinner Day as a reminder to embrace spontaneity, have our priorities in check and recognize that sometimes you don't ever get to do the things that you put off... so don't put them off and just enjoy life now!

We celebrated the day on Sunday October 16th since Saturday was crazy nuts around here. We ate ice cream in bowls. We ate ice cream in cones. We ate ice cream with caramel and hot fudge and whip cream and cherries. And we enjoyed every minute! Then instead of forcing the kids to endure Sunday afternoon quiet time after lunch like we usually do, we busted out the Rock Band instruments and had a great family jam session to burn off the sugar energy LOL. (And then we all pretty much crashed for the afternoon anyway. It was perfect). We love this day and I'm so glad to have such a special tradition with my family.

The kids all chose their own flavors. Ben always picks Cookie
Dough. Brady chose Cookies and Cream. Toby likes "all of them"
and Molly wanted "Pink" so I got Neapolitan for the two of them.
I got my personal fav (Ben and Jerry's Cheesecake Brownie).
Yum yum yum!

Molly REALLY liked the whip cream!

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  1. Fun :)

    My ice cream has to have chocolate or fudge or brownie pieces...

    Can't believe how big your baby girl is already.