Sunday, April 29, 2012

Too much to include in a FB status...

Today was way too busy to summarize in a FB status like I usually do at the end of an action packed Saturday, so I'm bringing the bullet point version of my day to the blog.

  • I slept in. Willy went hiking. We each have our priorities, you know.
  • Rode my bike to the store. Thoroughly enjoyed my mode of transportation.
  • Met the kids at "Pride 4 Ewa" community carnival type event. Molly rode a pony. Boys climbed rock walls. Lots of bouncy house jumping and roundy-round ride riding. Got some of my money refunded when I raised a bit of a stink after waiting in line for 30+ minutes so Molly could ride the pony again, only to be told once we reached the front of the line that it was one ride per person. Would have been nice to have a sign or something indicating that... Refund appreciated - having to deal with a disappointed 4 year old? Not so appreciated. Still a fun morning in all. Rode our bikes home together.
  • Grabbed the hula costumes and headed through terrible traffic to Waikiki where Molly and I performed at the Royal Hawaiian. Beautiful setting. I LOVE HULA.
  • Got to finally experience Spam Jam! That's right folks... a whole festival devoted to a beloved favorite of the people of Hawaii... SPAM! I've wanted to attend since we got here so super glad we made it there this year. Some of the recipes being dished up by local food vendors sounded super yum - mango spam sliders, spam and pineapple pancakes, spicy spam quesadillas, etc. So what did I try? Spam Ice Cream popsicle. I kid you not. It was actually Brady's choice at the Ono Pops popsicle vendor, but he took one (chewy) bite and realized he'd made what he considered a terrible choice. So I let him have my Chocolate Apple Banana popsicle and I bravely took his Spam Ice Cream one. Vanilla ice cream? Good. Candied Spam? Good. Together? Meh. The combination was a little bizarre, but it was an experience!
  • Dropped kids off at home with Little Caesar's and headed out for a date night dinner. Chose Outback because of a special deal they have going. Ate great food but left with a battle wound after somehow managing to break the entire top off the pepper grinder and slicing the palm of my hand open from the broken glass. Meal had to be replaced because of the potential of shards of glass having landed on my food (there were visible chunks of glass on the table.) Server brought me bandaids and first aid cream so I got to doctor myself at the table. Manager brought my replacement meal and wisely offered to grind the pepper for me. I apparently didn't know my own strength. Disappointed that they didn't at least comp my meal or something. Haven't they ever heard of frivolous lawsuits?  Sheesh. I'll have a sweet scar to remind me of my adventure in the Outback.
Another great day in Hawaii. Starting to feel a little (LOT) anxious about the dwindling number of Saturdays we have left here. No concrete plans yet (in other words no official moving destination yet) but pretty certain we'll be leaving by mid-July. Sigh. We're making the most of the time we've got here though, for sure!

Okay. I had to come back and add pics since Willy pulled them off the card :) There are some fun ones from today!!

Roundy-round ride. Boys LOVED it.

Molly? Not so much...

She did love the pony ride though!!
Ben made it to the top!
Brady made it to the top!

Toby made it to the top

Molly's class! She loves being front and center. Unfortunately that didn't
put her in a great spot for pics this time. And Willy and the boys got stuck in
wicked traffic on the way to Waikiki so they missed her first performance.
Yay! Love this pic Willy got of me :)
If all goes well, this will be the last time I dance in my "tent" dress. We're getting sassy new dresses for our end-of-year show and the seamstress has agreed to fit me for mine and make it just one week before the show so I can wear it fitting right since I absolutely intend to continue losing weight and want to feel GREAT in my costume! :)

This is my fav move in the dance Ipo Lei Momi.
So glad Willy captured it!
In it I'm... smoothing the bedsheets... hehehe.
This is from our "naughty" hula dance.

This one is Willy's fav move though. I may or may
not be... ahem... referencing a certain body part. *blush*
Had to snap a shot of me and Molly after the show before we hit  Spam Jam :)
Spam Jam!!

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spammity spam! 

See those Spam Jam '12 special flavors?
This would be me eating one of those special flavors:
"Candied Spam Ice Cream". 

I almost forgot the funniest part of the day! Ben won sneak preview
screening tickets to a movie because he was wearing the biggest
slippers out of all the men in the crowd LOL.
(They were clearly killing time and coming up with some
crazy contests while waiting for next performers to be ready to roll LOL)

Okay, now this entry is actually done. I don't think anyone wants to see pics of my Outback adventure wound, so I'll wrap this up LOL.


  1. So much to say: 1-you look so good! 2-does random Japanese lady in Spam picture think your family is absolutely nuts in her picture? 3-not sure I've ever eaten Soam (or at least don't remember it). 4-when did Ben become such a giant? -Teresa

    1. LOL T! 1- thanks 2-I'm sure random Japanese lady is just wondering why we didn't make sure our blond-haired blue-eyed girl was in the shot 3-how can you never have eaten spam?!?!?!!? get yourself to the canned meat aisle at the grocery store stat! 4-I KNOW!!!! He TOWERS over me!! At his phys ed end of year exam thing they measured him at 6'1". It completely freaks me out :P