Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Happy Happy Halloween 2013

It's that time of year again! And I'm going to be honest here... I must have giggled in pure delight about fifty times tonight when I looked at each of my family members and saw how perfectly they each embodied their Halloween characters this year.

We had bounced around a LOT of possible costume ideas, as we always do, but in the end we decided to bring a little Louisiana with us to Oregon as a way of paying a bit of tribute to our quick adventure in the south during the last year. And our Duck Dynasty costumes made me happy, happy, happy!!

Ben as Jase, Willy as Willie (har har), Angie as Ms. Kay, Toby as Si,
Molly as a duck (she flatly refused to wear a beard) and Brady as Jep.
FYI - Molly is trying to look scared. She is the duck we "Robertsons" made
the duck calls for in the first place after all... )
When we walked into our Trunk or Treat Halloween party at church tonight it was very obvious which folks knew the show Duck Dynasty and which folks were left scratching their heads. Those who knew the show called us by our character names and got a serious kick out of our little duck. Some of those who were in the dark told us they'd thought that the guys were dressed as terrorists... D'oh.

When we we were getting ready for the party and finally got the last beard on the last face, I busted out laughing. They were perfect!! Such simple costumes to pull together, but each character on Duck Dynasty has his or her own distinct look and it was so fun putting those looks together. Jase's beanie + beard and shades, Jep's bandana + smooth long hair, Willy's totally unruly mane of hair + patriotic bandana, and Ms Kay's apron (that I hand stitched hehehe). Molly loved the attention she got in her duck costume and proudly announced to everyone she caught looking at us "We're from Duck Dynasty! And I'm the duck!" And every time I looked at Toby with his wire rim glasses and ball cap, bushy gray beard and scraggly ponytail (which you can't see in the pictures... booo!) carrying his jug and cup of "sweet tea" I got the giggles in a BIG way. The grouping of costumes worked out just perfectly. Another successful year of family FUN in the (trick-or-treat) bag!!

Happy, happy, happy Halloween from the Campbells (aka the Robertsons)!


  1. I love it Ang!!!! Great costumes. They work out perfectly.

  2. Awesome....I never would have guessed this! You guys look so great!

  3. How fun! I've never watched the show, but I think it's so cool when people can get their kids - especially teens! - to go along with a family theme.

  4. Absolutely fantastic! I love that you do this!