Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Molly Art

Molly loves to draw. I get a handful of drawings from her every day. Much like Monet and his water lilies, Molly follows a consistent theme in much of her art work: Mommy & Me.

This is what almost every single picture I get from Molly looks like:

There is always a lovely shining sun. And there is always a crystal clear blue sky. Her artwork always has a rose (or several roses). Recently she has been including sunflowers. Mommy is always in purple (because she knows it's my favorite color). Molly is always in pink. We sport lovely earrings, matching hair styles and smiles for miles.

I get variations of this work in different artistic mediums. Molly's favorites are marker, dot pen and crayon. She's even drawn digitally. She's dabbled in colored pencil but it's not her preference. She'll draw on any scrap of paper she can find, but typically she pulls clean white copy paper from the tray by the printer. Her new method of jazzing up her art is folding into a usable fan. Art with function! Love it.

Today I got an entirely new piece of art from Molly. It shared a few similarities to her traditional work. Sunshine, Mommy in purple, Molly in pink, matching earrings and hairstyles. But a whole new setting. I've never loved her art work more!

I'm not sure what I love best. The happy fish, my bikini worthy body, or our impressive flotation devices? But this is definitely my new favorite Molly work of art!


  1. I totally love this post :) the drawings made me smile

  2. Oh Molly, you are such a doll...and artist! Love you girl!

  3. Replies
    1. Bwahahahaha! Thanks Beth :) Apparently Molly takes after me in that area. Who knew?!