Wednesday, November 27, 2013

17 Years and Counting

The day we met. Pretty cool to have pics together the very day we met :)
August 2, 1996
Engaged September 21st. Originally planned to get married on Valentine's Day
the following year. That plan lasted a few days before we realized we didn't want
to wait any longer than it would take to pull a wedding together, so we bumped up
our wedding date to November 27th.

We should have used this as our engagement picture. It shows our personalities
and our relationship the best.

I really wanted to use this for our announcement because it was just as playful
and young and in love as we felt at the time. (The "grown ups" convinced us to
use something more traditional...)

The big day. 

One of my favorite pictures from our wedding day. Until someone pointed out that
at quick glance it looks like I'm getting a handful of my new hubby's.. ahem... Makes it
one of my favorite pictures  of the day for a whole different reason :)
Pretty big day for our family when Willy graduated with
one of his two Associates Degrees. 
Ben - October 9, 1997. Less than a year after we were married. (And 9 months
after my birthday. We call Ben our "belated birthday gift. *big grin*)
Brady - October 5, 2001 (Hey look! A pattern of belated birthday gifts!)
Toby - June 20, 2005
Last but not least, Molly April 7, 2008
And then a few years of true adventure, Hawaiian style. Some of our favorite pictures as a couple come from these years.

Haleakala Sunrise, Maui 2010
Our 15th anniversary was spent in Kauai. Not sure we'll ever be able to quite
match that anniversary trip! 2011
One of our favorite activities while living in the islands. I'm pretty sure one of the most
romantic gestures that made me feel 100% protected was when Willy would take my hand
when we were in the water and he'd pull me along so I could rest and relax.

Halemaumau Crater, 2012

Heading to Kalaupapa, Moloka'i. 2012

Fulfilling one of my personal dreams with Willy supporting me all the way.
Visiting Kalaupapa, Moloka'i. 2012

Ka'ena Point, O'ahu. 2012
The adventure continues as we trot around the country together.
Happy as could be in our new corner of the world.

We do a lot of this. Willy makes me laugh literally every single day. He's my best friend.
I'm an incredibly blessed woman having him as my partner and forever companion.


  1. what a wonderful journey (touchwood) Happy Anniversary :)

    1. Thanks Tanvee. It's been wonderful and I'm pretty convinced the best is still yet to come :)

  2. I love, love this, Ang. What fun! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. :-)

    1. Thanks Ro :) It's been a fun journey, for sure!

  3. Loved this post. Made me cry. I'm happy for you two and your family. Nice to know there are real couples/families/stories like this.

    1. Thanks Kila. I remember hearing people say they'd been married 10 or 15 years and thinking "Wow! That's so long!" Now it seems like we're just getting started! I know we've got a whole future of awesome moments to create still. <3