Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Last First...

As the baby of our family, everything that Molly does for the first time marks a "last first time" for our little Campbell family. Tonight was a big milestone for her, and a last first moment for Daddy and I. These moments are always bittersweet and become strong memories for all of us. Molly was determined to have this personal first be recorded, and I was happy to oblige so that our last first  would be documented as well.

Molly lost her first tooth!!

During the summer of 2012, when she was just 4, she had an accident and got knocked hard on one of her upper front and center teeth. It was slightly wiggly as a result and we thought she'd lose her first tooth quite young as a result. Uncle Dentist said her tooth would likely either fall out or become discolored and just stay put for a while. It did the latter. Molly would periodically insist that her little gray tooth was wiggly and ready to come out, but she didn't realize what a wiggly tooth really felt like until about a week ago when one of her bottom center teeth suddenly became very ready to come out.

She's been playing with that wiggly tooth for a good week now and eventually she could wiggle it with her tongue and her other teeth. She's been obsessed with it... mostly because she's REALLY excited to have the Tooth Fairy come!! (A fairy!!! In our house!!!) Tonight the tooth was obviously just hanging on by a thread and so we coached and encouraged her.

"Pinch! Twist! Pull!"

And she tried. But she just couldn't quite make it happen.

She suggested that she could just punch it out. Or better yet! Daddy could punch it out. I warned her that Daddy punching her teeth may cause more than just her one wiggly tooth to come out. That didn't discourage her, as I'd suspected. It thrilled her! "More money!!!!!!!!!"

Then I mentioned that the camera battery was dying and if she wanted to get the milestone recorded she needed to do it quick! She tried one more time and then gave me the green light to give it a try.

Unlike my own daddy trying to pull our teeth when we were kids, I was brave enough to hold onto that tooth and ... pinch, twist, pull!

Out it popped! Molly was delighted. And then a little shocked. And then a little emotional. But then finally excited! The blood in her mouth freaked her out a little but after a swish and spit in the bathroom sink she squealed her way over to show Daddy what had just happened! Happy happy girl expecting a visit tonight. From a fairy!!! In our house!!! *squeeeeeeal*

Just kinda hanging out in there. Ready to be pulled!

So focused! But couldn't quite keep her grip on that tooth.

Showing me how it can lay totally flat when wiggled forward.

Success!! Tooth in hand and hole in her grin :)

Less freaked by it and more excited. Yay for a Molly milestone!

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  1. Molly is such a pretty girl! I get sad thinking about lasts, so i don't. :) Memories are such an important thing and I love that you make them special and remembered in a fun way. Getting punched in the teeth by daddy! She is a hoot, and very money motivated. My kind of girl :0 Hope her visit from the fairy of tooths was magical, exciting and a great pay off for all her hard work. Love you!