Thursday, July 7, 2011

Real Me: I don't have a clue what I'm doing...

I realized tonight that I've been posting comments on some of my Blogger friends' blogs the last few days signed in with this new Blogger account of mine. And it occurred to me that those friends may actually (wait for it...) click on my name and link back to a very boring, very empty blog with my name on it! So just in case anyone happens to be peeking in on me, I thought I better let you know that this new blog of mine is definitely under construction, definitely coming soon and until the grand opening (har har) you can consider this a pre-welcome message. I'm really excited about blogging again! But this whole Blogger thing is all new unexplored territory for me, so the "coming soon" may turn into "coming eventually" but I'm going to give it my best effort to get 'er up 'n running in the next few days. Bear with me, pretty please!


  1. Hey Angie! Nice to see you over here! :) I love reading your will be nice to start reading it again! I've used Blogger for a while now, but my blog has mostly turned into an online photo gallery! :) My commentary is not as funny as yours so I usually avoid it!

  2. So Heather I don't mean to sound stupid but I don't know how to avoid it... how do I find your blog? When I click on your name by your comment it just takes me to your profile but I don't see any links to your blog. Can you help a newbie blogger out?

    And PS you're the first person to leave me a comment on my new blog! Woo woo!!!

  3. Sweet! :)

    Ummm, I'm not sure exactly. I probably have it set so that it doesn't show up. My blog is You are welcome to check it out! Mostly it's just pictures of my kidlets. :) But one day I might actually write something of value on it! :p

  4. Hey Ang - I just realized something - I went back to reading the WLB contestants and you live on Oahu!! That is the big Island right? Pearl Harbor (sorry for my ignorance) My oldest is in the Marine's and there! Very cool!! Hey, glad to be here! Have a great day.