Thursday, July 7, 2011

Real Parenting: I have big yellow boobs...

Today I was sitting at my desk stumbling my way through learning Blogger working hard when Molly, who has a severe aversion to modesty and wearing the same outfit for an entire day, interrupted my attempts at designing my blog hard work with a big proud grin and an even prouder voice by saying "Look Mama! I have big yellow boobs!!"

This of course immediately pulled my attention away from my blog experimenting hard work. I turned to look at my 3 year old who most certainly does not have big yellow boobs, only to find that, in fact, she did have big (relatively speaking) yellow "boobs"! She'd taken two pieces of Corn Pops cereal, licked them and then adhered them strategically to her chest.

A good mom probably would have used the moment to teach appropriate behavior. But I ...ahem... might not have responded that way. I laughed long and loud, told her to eat her big yellow boobs and put a shirt on, then I texted Daddy and told the world the story on Facebook. Real parenting at its finest!


  1.!!!! ROTFLMAOPIMP! OUt of the mouths of babes (and older kids too, lol). Not only is the story funny but I adore the way you told it with all the cross-outs and hard works;)

    You're going to retell this story at an embarrassing future date, right? hehehehe

  2. What a funny girl! I love your Molly stories, and especially her "big yellow boobs." -Teresa