Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Countdown to the holidays with this garland of activities!

Interrupting the thirty days of thankfuls to share a quick idea I had and posted on the Scrap Girls blog this week. I'm really excited with how the project turned out and the kids are ecstatic to get started by opening the first little wrapped up activity tonight before bed so we can be ready to enjoy the activity tomorrow! You can find the details of the project HERE on the Scrap Girls Blog but I wanted to share a few pics of the project here as well and let you know about it in case you want to play along too, and enjoy some daily family fun through the holidays!

The idea is to simply wrap up 24 small activities that can be done as a family throughout the month of December leading up to Christmas. Then open one activity a day and enjoy a little family fun time doing what the activity card tells you to do. Some of the activities I wrapped up include: Call someone far away and sing a Christmas carol to them, Go on a holiday-themed photo scavenger hunt, Gather up old toys to donate, Color a picture using only red and green crayons and Have a Christmas music dance party. We're going to have a VERY fun month! (If you don't have time or desire to come up with 24 activity ideas or decorate activity cards, you can find some easy to assemble Assemble Your Own: Holiday Countdown Activities product in the Scrap Girls boutique. There are 56 activities included in that product that you can choose from - many of them are winter-themed, service-related or generic and could be done for any winter holidays - not only Christmas.)

I wrapped the activity cards and strung them on a pine garland and wrapped that around the stairway handrail so we see it often and won't forget to do our daily activities :) I'm SO excited for this holiday season!!

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