Friday, November 4, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankful - Day 4

Day 4 - I'm thankful for man child #3. The boy who comforted my troubled heart by by staying safe and sound in my belly for nine months after I had experienced several pregnancy losses. The one who came into the world seemingly without a hitch and was then whisked off to another hospital in an ambulance due to health concerns while I lay helpless in my hospital bed 25 miles away recovering from my c-section delivery. The one I frantically pumped breast milk for during the two days we were apart, hoping he would know me and still nurse once we were together again. The one who loved me immediately and latched on instantly despite our separation for those first few days. I'm thankful for the boy who taught our family to pray with purpose, and who left the hospital at one week old with only a few medications and monitors to deal with. I'm thankful for the boy who happily let me adventure with him and a whole new lifestyle involving cloth diapers, homemade baby food and baby-wearing (and who wasn't messed up at all by my experimentation.) I'm thankful for the boy who is a master cuddler. The one who is so affectionate that we sometimes have to remind him what is and isn't appropriate. The one with the most kissable lips around. I'm thankful for the boy who tells me I'm beautiful. And pretty. And cute. And the one who even compliments me on the smell of my armpits ("they smell like peanut butter, Mama!"... *eyeroll*) Speaking of armpits, I'm thankful for the boy who makes the most realistic fart sounds with his armpits that I've ever heard. I'm thankful for the boy who prefers long pants and long sleeves... even in the Hawaiian sun. I'm thankful for the boy who excels at just about everything he tries and who surprises us constantly with his natural abilities. The one who still loves having me along on field trips. The one with the most infectious laugh, the most ear-piercing squeal and the most persistent whine. I'm thankful for this boy who smothers me with unconditional affection and who makes me feel utterly loved.

I'm thankful for Toby.

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  1. He sounds delightful Ang...well, I've got boys who love the armpit sounds too! LOL and if you think they grow out of them, well....hahaha. Your family just sounds like so much fun. I'm waiting for the next phase of my kids and that's more weddings in the future and grand kids someday.