Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankful - Day 3

Day 3 - I'm thankful for man child #2. The one whose entrance into this world was scheduled, peaceful and downright delightful. The one whose brown eyes shocked and delighted me (and still do.) The one with dimples I could just dive into. I'm thankful for this boy who survived a toddlerhood full of bumps, bruises, gashes, and stitches and who thought the Instacare facility was his doctor's office. I'm thankful for this boy who revels in entertaining others and making them laugh. The one who thrives on attention and refuses to get lost in the middle-child position. The one who is convinced he sings like rockstar, dances like a superstar and performs like nobody's business. I'm thankful for this boy who sings along with the radio even more loudly than I do. The one who is determined he can do everything and tries hard to fit it all in. The one who invites friends to join our family for everything, including going to church and church activities. I'm thankful for this boy who I can see joining the debate team when he gets older because he is never willing to simply accept "no" for an answer and must always counter-argue why he deserves X, Y, and Z. The one who has better things to do with his time than thoroughly clean his room (or get something into a garbage can, or finish an assigned chore.) I'm thankful for the boy who we call our human GPS. The one who once made himself throw up when forced to eat salad. The one who has a special secret hug-and-kiss-from-a-distance just for Mom when he leaves for school.

I'm thankful for my Brady Boy.

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