Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankful - Day 9

Day 9 - I'm thankful for Craigslist. My whole house is furnished in Craigslist finds. Bunkbed for the boys? $70. Computer desk? I think $10. Princess bed for Molly? $Free.99. We have benefited SO much over the years by taking advantage of the service provided by Craigslist, not only in what we purchase (or get free!) but what we've been able to give away, get rid of and sell ourselves. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Our most recent Craigslist score might be my favorite yet. We've been using a futon couch (that we got on Craigslist) as our t.v. room couch for a couple of years now and let me tell you... there is nothing lounge-y or relaxing about sitting on a futon couch. I've been drooling over recliners so I can watch my shows in comfort. Enter Craigslist! I searched "reclining sofa", "reclining couch", and "recliners" for several months and then BAM! There it was. Located in our same town, a matching reclining sofa and recliner chair! It's that awful dusty blue color that was popular in I'd say the early 90's-ish, but it's in super clean working order and it was FORTY DOLLARS!! For the couch AND reclining chair! The chair has made it's home next to my bed so I officially now have a reading nook in my home, and the couch has made my t.v. watching experience all the sweeter.

Now if we could just get the kids to stop messing with the foot rest. Up. Down. Up. Down. With my luck they'll break it before we've had the couch a whole month.

Today I'm thankful for Craigslist (and a foot rest on my reclining couch!)

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