Friday, November 18, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankful - A threefer (d'oh)...

I've heard of "twofers" but never "threefers". This week has created the need for one, though. I'm behind a few days and want to catch up on my thankfuls.

Day 16 - I'm thankful for music. Music has been an integral part of my whole life. Playing piano is like banishing stress from my life through the tips of my fingers. My life has a soundtrack. Songs call to mind memories from even my very early childhood. Albums and genres remind me of special people and special times in my life. Choosing just the right playlist makes all the difference in the effectiveness of a workout, a long drive or a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Listening to upbeat, make-me-move music turns a really lousy afternoon of cleaning into something more tolerable. I love music. I'm thankful for it.

Day 17 - I'm thankful for Girls Nights Out! I don't get them very often, but when I do I relish them! Last night was the most fun I've had out with the ladies in a long time. I admit it, I'm a dorky 38 year old Twilight fan but I wouldn't call myself a Twihard. I don't get overly worked up about discrepancies between the books and the movies because I appreciate and enjoy them each as separate forms of entertainment. I've only read each of the books once, but I devoured them when I did. Starting with the second movie I've attended the midnight showings and thoroughly enjoyed those experiences, in large part due to being able to make it a Girls Night Out and spending time with my friend(s). Anyway, last night was an awesome Girls Night Out and I'm so thankful for it! I really appreciate my husband for only rolling his eyes a little bit at me last night, and for recognizing my need to get out with the girls and recharge!

Day 18 - I'm thankful for sleep. Of which I got very, very little last night. I've set a goal to establish a  healthier before-midnight bedtime habit and I've been working on that quite a bit for the last two weeks. Getting a good night's sleep makes a huge difference in my attitude and of course in my energy level during the day. I'm hoping it will also help me in my efforts to drop the plus from my size. I'm thankful for sleep (particularly the deep, uninterrupted kind!)

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