Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankful - Day 2

Day 2 - I'm thankful for man child #1. The one who made me a mother. The one who, at age 14, towers over me and reminds me constantly that I'm getting downright old. The one who has perfected the art of the eye roll but who is more helpful around the house than all the other offspring combined. I'm thankful for this boy who has learned to read my moods and knows when it's best to offer help and when it's best to grab the kids and get the heck out of dodge so I can have a spazz out in solitude. The boy who is wise beyond his years and knows who he is. The one who befriends the "little guy" and is unconcerned with being popular or cool. I'm thankful for this boy who stands up for what he believes in and sets an example of fearless faith. The boy who forgives me quickly and accepts my apologies readily when I really botch things up as a parent and "grown up".  I'm thankful for this boy who is like me in so many ways that it's sometimes frightening. The boy who is not only stubborn, always right, argumentative and moody but is also responsible, considerate, playful and artistic. The boy who once in a blue moon surprises me with the words "I love you" (when not coerced) and who hugs me good night every night before bed.

I'm thankful for Ben.


  1. This got me all teary, Angie. Beautiful tribute! You are one awesome mom!

  2. Love it Ang. I could have written the same thing about Grant. I posted a picture of him on FB the other night and just had to brag about him. We are so blessed with these boys who are growing into amazing young men.

  3. Ang, way to go for raising a young man like that.

    Ben, way to go for training your mom so well!!

  4. Awww... My 14 yr old is similar. Such a blessing.