Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankful - Day 22

Day 22 - I'm thankful for the change in the weather.

The temperatures have dropped for "winter" (the season we refer to as "whale watching season" rather than "winter" because anyone who has lived through a Utah winter can't in good conscience call what we experience in Hawaii "winter") and the cooler temperature is making me SO VERY HAPPY. It's only about a ten degree variance, but it somehow makes an enormous difference to me now. I got through the hot months just fine this year thanks to the central air in our new place, but I'm so much happier to have the windows open and the tradewinds breezing through my home. And here's hoping to see a significant drop in the power bill since we're not having to use the AC nearly as often any more. Tonight the forecast says the temp will get down to 67!!! I may have to pull out a blanket tonight. (I know! I've totally turned into a wimp!)

For the record, this isn't a neener neener post to any of you who are already dealing with snow fall and truly cold winter weather. I'm just really grateful for a slight dip in the temperature to remind me that it's "winter" now. I actually miss obvious seasonal changes and things like the return of sweater weather in the fall and the return of sandal weather in the spring/summer. I've adapted and mostly like the moderate, consistent temperatures here now, but I'm very much appreciating the slight chill in the air!!

I'm thankful for the change in the weather.


  1. haha Im right there with you!!!!! Cant say I actually miss the winter season AT ALL though :) have a fab thanksgiving!